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Apple’s next big thing might be healthcare


Apple’s next big push may be around health insurance, according to Ben Wood, analyst at CCS Insight. I think his idea makes sense, given all the work Apple already does in the space  — and it echoes thoughts we’ve heard before.

The future takes time to bake

Wood’s team of analysts publish annual predictions, several of which relate to what Apple already does. But it’s Woods’ thoughts on health that really resonated with me this year: “By 2030, intelligent wireless body monitoring leads to pervasive and personalized healthcare,” he wrote. “Deeper and smarter insights into the body means that devices can serve as a preventive health tool, flagging up any deviations from the user’s norm, detecting subtle changes and providing lifestyle advice.”

Apple has this space covered. The iPhone, Apple Watch, Health, Activity, and Fitness+ cover the gamut of the human condition. At some level, these existing solutions already turn your habits into actionable data.

What you do, how you do it, when, how often and how to do what you do better and more frequently are all reprised within these systems. The company already has sensors, and is building more, and provides research apps and has already assembled extensive data for numerous situations. It already works with existing health insurance providers to combine its data with their services.

In this part of the big picture, what Wood thinks makes total sense. A lot of this is already happening.

“Apple Watch remains a great way for health conscious customers to track their overall wellness and fitness,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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