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Boomerang takes the pain out of meeting scheduling


If your business uses Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Outlook for email, you may have already come across Boomerang, a tool that augments your email with a variety of features that can make you more productive.

What is Boomerang?

One of my favored triptych of useful productivity solutions, Boomerang already lets you automate email send times, schedule reminders, warn you if an email request hasn’t been responded to, and schedule meetings.

The developers have now extended the latter tool with a useful addition to take the pain out of setting up a meeting with multiple people. 

What does the new tool help you achieve?

Everybody has a different schedule. Typically, when attempting to set up a meeting, someone will contact everyone required, usually by email, and then engage in a lengthy game of call and response as all participants try to identify the optimal time for the meeting to occur.

When organizing larger meetings, this becomes a time-consuming task, fraught with frustration, sucking time and focus from everybody’s day as they must respond to these scheduling emails.

Who can forget that frequently cited University of California study claiming it takes over 20 minutes to refocus after an interruption? Or that people spend over a third of their office (or hybrid office) hours on email? In these contexts, removing friction, automating interruption, and making email more effective make sense.

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