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Cellular networks revolt against Apple privacy moves


Every time Apple attempts to inject a little more privacy into the digital world, it faces pushback – but the evidence suggests opponents would be better off going along for the ride.

A bigger business with more privacy

Take Do Not Track for ads and the move to quash IDFA tracking in iOS 14. When Apple first announced its plan, critics across the ad industry complained it would damage their business.

Apple counter-argued that it would simply inspire advertisers to think more creatively about how to reach customers — while also providing more privacy to those customers.  

Who’s right?

You get to decide. But it seems relevant to consider that the latest App Annie State of Mobile report claims the mobile ad market climbed 22.6% last year, despite moves to limit data tracking. That’s clear evidence to suggest the mobile advertising industry is now healthier than ever before — even as users gained a little more privacy.

Now iCloud Private Relay faces pushback, too

This pattern of resistance to change is occuring again. Apple’s iCloud Private Relay service is smart. It works to protect a user’s Safari browser traffic by making it impossible to relate browsing habits to identity.

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