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Challo pushes enterprise collaboration across company walls


One of the big weaknesses of many enterprise collaboration solutions is that they aren’t always good at letting employees work with external parties. That’s a problem one of the latest entrants to the space tries to solve.

Collaboration without walls 

Like many such solutions, Challo is a feature-rich, cloud-based enterprise-class collaboration tool. What’s interesting is that it has been built to deliver all the collaboration tools you’d expect, along with externally facing tools and enterprise-class security.

In other words, it makes it easier for teams across multiple organizations to collaborate. It also respects security policies across all parties.

The basic features are what you’d expect from any collaboration tool: team messaging, voice and video meetings, content sharing and management and application integration.

It supports Slack and Microsoft Teams and has an automated Virtual Assistant that  can do things like sharing event dates or relevant documents with meeting participants.

What happens in meeting room

Challo’s use of virtual online and persistent workspaces is what makes it so useful. These virtual rooms let all parties share data and can provide access to the relevant tools, which is good. But the persistence means project details and shared resources are available for the duration of the task at hand.

This solves the problem in which documents, screen grabs and other shared data subsequently get stored on insecure devices or shared via insecure means.

Challo uses security and compliance technologies designed to support seamless multi-company collaboration. Administrators can set granular policies that let some parties receive, but not send, data or limiting messaging facilities, for example.

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