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ChatGPT on Apple Watch? There’s an app for that…


While we wait for the inevitable cracks in the code to expose themselves, generative AI is all the rage across tech with implications across every business. Now you can even get ChatGPT on your Apple Watch.

ChatGPT on your wrist?

The watchGPT Apple Watch app isn’t made by Apple and costs $3.99. Once it is installed, you’ll be able to use natural language or type to ask it questions, which it will answer with results drawn from across the web. The app is also capable of creating lengthier messages, poetry,or even sick notes, on your behalf.

It has its own Complication, which means you can add a little button to the watch face to ask it questions. You can also text, email, or use social media to share those responses; the developer promises that no data leaves the device and that it is working on a series of updates for the app.

Generative AI seems to have upturned the industry. Microsoft has bet big on the tech, Google has accelerated its existing work on Bard, others want in, and many are now attempting to develop their own take on this form of AI. DuckDuckGo even popped OpenAI inside its search engine, while Slack has tucked ChatGPT inside its own service.

OpenAI isn’t sleeping and this month announced yet more new APIs for its ChatGPT and Whisper products. Whisper is used by the MacWhisper transcription app I recently raved about.

Does Apple have an answer?

Apple’s recent internal AI presentation allegedly didn’t have an answer to the tech, with Digitimes claiming its appearance is prompting a rethink within the company’s own AI teams. That may be true, but the company does have some significant advantages such as the on-processor Neural Engine that it may choose to deploy. Apple’s AI chief apparently told engineers gathered at Apple’s own AI event, “Machine learning is moving faster than ever, and the talent we have here is truly at the forefront.”

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