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Do svidaniya, Kaspersky — goodbye


Companies and governments have, shall we say, interesting relations. Just ask any Chinese tech company in recent days.  But, while they’re losing billions, companies in war-mongering countries like Russia have an even harder row to hoe. How can Russian companies support Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine?

You may say they can’t, but that just shows you haven’t studied history. When money and ethics are weighed against each other, money usually wins. For example, such American-as-apple-pie-and-baseball companies as General Motors, Ford, Coca-Cola, and IBM supported Nazi Germany during World War II.

Really. Look it up.

So, there’s nothing too surprising when we see Moscow-based security leader  Kaspersky founder Eugene Kaspersky trying to tiptoe his way around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Twitter: “We welcome the start of negotiations to resolve the current situation in Ukraine and hope that they will lead to a cessation of hostilities and a compromise.”

“Current situation??” It’s an invasion. As I write this, the latest Russian atrocity is the  bombing of a Mariupol theater being used as a civilian shelter. There is no moral defense for supporting the current Russian regime. 

And, compromise? There is no compromise here. This is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempt to turn back the clock and recreate Ukraine as part of a Russian-dominated Soviet empire.

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