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Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive send out warnings to macOS users


Two of the world’s most widely used online storage services, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, are warning Mac users of a looming problem in a coming macoS Monterey update.

You’ll need to download files to use them for a while

They warn that some users may have problems when attempting to open files stored in either service using another Mac application. They urge customers to update their apps once macOS 12.3 is installed.

Once you install that version of Monterey, when you attempt to open a file stored online from within an application, the process will fail. The only way around this (at least, until you update the file storage app) is to manually download archived files for use on their Mac via the Finder. The problem will be resolved when OneDrive and/or Dropbox are udpated.

The issue may relate to mandatory use of the FileProvider framework by services, which Box already supports and Microsoft recently migrated to with OneDrive. This should make for a more Mac-like user experience for online storage apps of this kind, but it seems plausible to anticipate some other changes.

Apple developers can watch the WWDC 2021 video detailing the FileProvider framework.

What about iCloud?

What’s curious about this, of course, is that the warning from both online storage providers comes as iCloud users experience multiple errors in that service.This rather suggests Apple is changing something fundamental here, while the secrecy around the operation is bound to create consternation.

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