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Everything you need to know about Apple’s pointer support for iPad


Apple has shared many more details to explain how pointer and trackpad support will work with iPads, providing video, guidance notes and a senior level company presentation.

What is pointer and trackpad support on iPad?

Apple now supports trackpads in iPad OS 13.4.

That doesn’t mean you use the trackpad on an iPad in the same way you use a pointing device on a Mac or other system. Instead, the company has developed a refined experience that’s unique to the tablet itself.

In other words, rather than deliver a ‘me-too’ experience, the company has thought deeply about how these things work in order to develop a control system that feels natural, intuitive and unique.

It means that rather than turn an iPad into a Mac (as some short-sighted commentators seem to want to believe), the company has simply put a little Mac inside of an iPad. The iPad is becoming a Mac plus.

Note: Apple has published an Augmented Reality tour of its new iPad Pro, which lets you see how it will look on your desk. This is available here.

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