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FAQ: What’s new in Safari 14


Apple last week unveiled macOS 11, aka “Big Sur,” at its all-virtual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Like any other year, the Cupertino, Calif. company also gave coders a preview build of the operating system so they could get cracking.

And the new OS means, as usual, a new Safari browser for the desktop. Thank goodness for consistency, eh?

Unlike rivals, who crank out new browsers every few weeks – for instance, Mozilla refreshes Firefox every four – Apple rolls out a new Safari just once a year. Rather than spread out new features and functionality across a dozen or so updates, Apple packs the bulk of new into a single upgrade.

That deserves attention. We want to oblige.

Here, in Q&A format, is what you need to know now about the upcoming Safari. Computerworld will expand on this throughout the summer as Apple continues to pump out betas.

What’s Apple calling the new browser? Safari 14. Yes, exciting. Jump back, Loretta.

Last year’s Safari – the one packaged with Catalina, macOS 10.15 – was v.13 and unless the sky falls in, 2021’s will debut as v.15.

Apple’s practice of upgrading Safari annually led to that low numeric; rivals like Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge are at 83, and Firefox is at 77.

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