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Fly around your phone with Android’s hidden voice command center


Yeah, yeah — I know: I’m slightly obsessed with shortcuts lately. What can I say? I adore efficiency, and Android’s overflowing with awesome but criminally overlooked options for skipping steps and saving time.

And coming out of our recent discussions about (a) Android’s hidden collection of exceptional shortcuts for specific in-app actions and (b) all of the incredible yet invisible ways Google Assistant can make your life easier on Android, I’ve found myself thinking about one other similarly impressive possibility that’s every bit as helpful and every bit as underappreciated.

It’s almost a combination of those two other systems, in fact — something that involves both step-saving shortcuts to specific in-app actions and invisible, out-of-the-way commands you can create and then whisper seductively to your trusty Android Assistant.

This is some seriously powerful stuff, and once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you went all this time without realizing it was right there in front you — just waiting to be called into action.

Ready to change the way you get around your Android phone? Read on, then come sign up for my free Android Shortcut Supercourse to learn even more time-saving tricks for your favorite phone. (Hey, I warned you about my obsession, didn’t I?!)

Android’s hidden voice command center

All right, so here it is: Google Assistant on Android has a tucked-away system that lets you set up all sorts of custom voice commands for performing advanced actions within the apps on your device. All you’ve gotta do is dig it up, activate the commands you want once, and then remember to keep using ’em.

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