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Give Google Docs some powerful new shortcuts


Hear ye, hear ye, my fellow Google Docs denizens: Have I got just the treat for you.

It’s a clever new system of next-level shortcuts you can add into the Google Docs website — shortcuts that go beyond the basic options already built into the service and give you a more Slack-like, command-line-driven method of performing advanced actions. I’ve been using ’em myself for a couple days now, and lemme tell ya: They totally change the way you use Google Docs — for the better.

The shortcuts come courtesy of a tasty and relatively new little Chrome extension called gSweets. The way it works is simple: You just add the extension into your browser, and the next time you open up a document in Docs on your computer, you’ll see a snazzy new gray prompt at the beginning of every new line.


That prompt pretty much tells you everything you need to know. From anywhere in a document, you can now simply hit the slash key on your keyboard — just like you would in Slack — and you’ll be greeted with a scrolling list of quick ‘n’ simple commands you can type in next:

Google Docs Shortcuts (2)JR

So, for instance, you could type /h1 from anywhere within a document to start formatting text as a large section heading:

Google Docs Shortcuts (3)JR

And the second you hit Enter, bam: The change gets applied — just like that.

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