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Google’s increasingly prickly Android perception problem


Ask most Android enthusiasts for their thoughts on the eternal “iPhone vs. Android” debate, and you’re bound to hear some comically common conclusions:

  • Android is more advanced and ambitious, both in its software and especially in its hardware (hello, folding phones!).
  • Android is more customizable and conducive to productivity, thanks to all the ways it lets you take total control of your virtual environment and make it work the way you want.
  • The iPhone is bland, old-fashioned, and boring in comparison.

Apple’s iOS platform certainly has its advantages, but it’s tough to deny that Android is the more modern, powerful, and adventurous option (a juxtaposition expressed admirably in this recent video analysis by the ever-balanced Marques Brownlee).

And yet, talk to most typical, non-tech-inclined phone buyers — particularly here in America — and you’re bound to hear a very different interpretation.

It’s shaping up to be a pressing problem. And it’s something that’s increasingly critical for Google to address.

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