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Got a Google Pixel? Flip this secret Android 13 switch


Friends, Android-appreciators, fellow Pixel-persons — listen up, for what I’m about to tell you may very well change how you think about getting around your favorite Googley phone:

No matter what you’ve seen with Android 13 so far or how much digging you’ve done to unearth its many buried treasures, you almost certainly haven’t experienced the software’s most significant and shape-shifting addition. And there’s good reason for that: The addition isn’t technically available on your device.

Android 13, as you may know by now, is a tale of two different operating systems. And while the improvements on the standard Pixel phone front are certainly not insignificant, the advancement that has the potential to make the most meaningful difference in your day-to-day life isn’t intended to be used in that environment. It’s limited only to foldable phones and tablets (for now, at least).

But get this: With about 30 seconds of thoughtful tinkering, you can uncover that addition. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be blown away by how much it improves your efficiency and transforms your Android experience.

Allow me to explain.

Android 13’s unseen superpower

First, some important context to this: If there’s one overarching theme of Android 13 — what the release is ultimately all about, from a bigger-picture perspective — it’s optimization.

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