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GoTo adds co-browsing functionality to its contact center offering


GoTo has launched a new co-browsing capability within its contact center, giving agents the ability to securely assist their customers within their web browser and provide more effective help via a single communications and support solution.

Most commonly used in customer service scenarios to improve online conversions and experiences, by having co-browsing software in place, agents and customers can collaboratively “browse” a website, web application or mobile app together in real time.

As businesses overwhelmingly look to consolidate their tech stack, by enabling co-browsing from within the GoTo application, customers will have a solution that allows them to fully serve their customers all in one place, GoTo said in a press note.

Customers will also benefit from the all-in-one unified experience that co-browsing offers, reducing tool fatigue and context switching for both employees and customers, the company said. The new capability allows customers to enable data masking, button blocking, and encryption to ensure the co-browsing experience remains secure.

The co-browsing capability can be activated on any browser and device while agents chat with customers through web chat, social media, or SMS, meaning customers can physically see online application forms, be walked though their ecommerce purchase or directly shown how to use an app or product feature.

The announcement further builds on the updates to the company’s cloud contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) systems that were announced in March 2022, a month after the company rebranded from LogMeIn to GoTo. During that initial update, GoTo added a slew of enhanced contact center options to make agents more productive, including advanced analytics, time saving features and additional remote support capabilities.

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