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How Apple Watch helps you get work done


Apple Watch offers several tools that can help you get things done more efficiently. What follows is a short collection of those tools and how to set them up to be most useful.

Reminders on Apple Watch

I use Reminders on my Apple Watch for almost everything – from cooking times to project deadlines to scheduling calls. All it takes is one push on the Digital Crown to summon Siri, and I can then speak the request: “Remind me to attend the group Zoom meeting Friday,” for example, or “Hey Siri, set a timer for two hours,” to help you focus.

What’s great about this is that once you set the Reminder, you don’t need to think about it again. The limitation is that you will only receive one reminder notification at the time you set, but you can change this on your iPhone.

NB: Reminders can be a useful way to take notes that sync across all your Apple devices, but enterprise workers may already have access to a more well-featured Microsoft app, OneNote.

To add alarms:

Open your iPhone (or any synced Apple device with the Reminders app), and open Reminders. Find the reminder you want to edit. Tap it and an i appears; tap this to change the date and time and set other available parameters. It is limiting that you cannot export Reminders into Calendar for more control over alarms, though third-party apps do exist for this (Due and Things are worth a look).


It really doesn’t matter whether you work from home or in an office, Activity is your friend. Take it from me, years of frantic writing on deadline while sitting in a chair gave me a life-long problem with repetitive strain injury; a little more movement and exercise would certainly have helped alleviate that.

This is why I make so much use of the Activity feature. Set targets, meet them, gather awards – and use the hourly reminders to stand up. Your body will thank you. For even better results, use Activity in conjunction with fitness apps such as 7-Minute Workouts or Walk At Home. Take a look at some more ideas of how apps can help you work effectively here.

Notifications and Mail

You can receive notifications on Apple Watch.

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