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How Apple’s Mail privacy may re-shape business communications


Apple will re-shape business communications when it rolls out new operating systems this fall, forcing a slew of industry changes, particularly around email marketing.

The pandemic boost to digital

Whether you run a huge blue chip company or a smaller mom-and-pop shop, you can’t ignore how much  the pandemic has driven distanced communications. This has boosted delivery services, online sales, and online customer comms.

Mailing lists have become super important, as have messaging apps. Zendesk Snapshot claims the pandemic drove U.S. smartphone users to spend 20% more of their time in messaging apps than before.

When it comes to Apple, it’s important not just to note that iPhone users tend to spend more than those on other platforms, but that they tend to be more engaged in existing communication systems. It matters to every business that an astonishing 90.5% of all mobile email opens take place on an iPhone.

The cost of privacy

This is also the upcoming pain point for many enterprises, as Apple will soon introduce new features that will help users stay private but also add new challenges to online customer communications.

Not only will these changes obliterate support for the open pixels many marketing systems (including affordable systems such as Mailchimp) use to monitor open rates, but they will also give consumers an efficient way to generate unique single-use emails.

These changes have generated a wave of protests, but most businesses should look to the opportunity. After all, once customers feel private and protected, they will be more likely to engage in emails from their favorite brands, even (or perhaps especially) from smaller companies. While the ease with which consumers can unsubscribe from lists is a risk, the challenge for most brands will be to build authentic communications.

Plus, of course, the most important metric – click rates – will still be visible on traffic logs. We all know that a marcomms list of six million means very little if you can’t persuade people on that list to click on links in your mail. Clicks are arguably a better opportunity for customer conversion than open rates.

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