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How apps can help you build a healthier WFH office


Still working from home? Many of us are. What follows is some advice and a selection of apps that should help you optimize your workspace to protect your health during the remote work day.

What are ergonomics?

The Mayo Clinic explains how good office ergonomics can help mitigate work-related neck and back pain and potential problems with repetitive strain injury (RSI), arthritis and other physical challenges that arise when we spend too long strapped to an office chair.

This advice is just as valuable in a home office as in a conventional workplace, and as the pandemic means millions must now work from home for many months more, it makes sense to improve your WFH environment.

Some of the most important pieces of ergonomic advice include:

  • Place your monitor at arm’s length at or slightly above eye level.
  • Keep your wrists straight at or below elbow level.
  • Adjust chair height so your knees are at about the same level as your hips.
  • Keep objects you regularly need to use at hand so you an get them without reaching.
  • Stand up and take breaks.

So, are you putting all this advice into practice? Have you audited your home office environment to ensure it is an ergonomically safe space in which to work for hours each day?

Fortunately, there are several solutions to help you work more healthily and even to design a new work space.

The app for that: Ergonomics

Available for iOS, Ergonomics costs just 99 cents and includes a good collection of tools to help improve your workplace health, including badges you can unlock to help stay motivated to do so.

Features include:

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