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How to bookmark Safari Tab groups (and other bookmark tips)


And a big welcome back to AppleHolic readers. Today, I wanted to explain how to make better use of Safari Tabs in iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and macOS Monterey — particularly for researchers.

Slowly getting used to Safari Tabs

There are things I like about Apple’s new tab support in Safari. Where it shines is in the provision of contextualized collections of web pages across all my devices, though I do feel some friction when trying to use the new browser.

Why can’t I place specific tabs into specific Tab Groups using the Share menu? Why isn’t it clear how to add a page to a Tab Group? Why isn’t it immediately obvious how to save these pages, which otherwise disappear once closed on any device?

I feel like the usability still isn’t quite right, which is why on some devices I’ve tried to roll back as many of those changes as I can.

But time moves on, and most people will be using the default system now that it is universally available. And while it took me some time to get used to it, I’m finding some features more useful than expected.

How to use Safari Tabs for research

Safari Tabs are moderately useful for research. Imagine you are working on a project about dogs (and everyone should love these animals). The first thing you’ll need to do is create a Safari Tab Group called ‘dogs,’ because that’s the place you’ll pop all your dog-related pages in, until you save them as bookmarks (more later).

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