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How to give your phone an Android-12-inspired privacy upgrade


Android 12 sure is an onion of an update, wouldn’t ya say?

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not suggesting it’s fragrant, likely to make you cry, or positively delicious when cooked in a stir-fry. (That’d be one heck of a piece of software!) I just mean that it has lots of layers to it, including some that are beneath the surface and impossible to see when you’re only glancing from afar.

Android 12 is full of changes both big and small, in fact — and while many of its most noticeable external elements will be limited to Google’s own Pixel phones, some of the improvements tucked away in those sticky lower layers are arguably the most important changes of all.

That’s particularly true when it comes to the ever-relevant realm of privacy. Android 12 has a whole host of helpful privacy enhancements. And one of ’em is something you can bring to any Android device this second — if you know the trick.

Let me fill you in.

Meet your new Android-12-inspired privacy superpowers

I won’t keep you waiting: The secret to this super-effective privacy superpower is a crafty little app called Privacy Dashboard. As its name suggests, the app emulates one of Android 12’s most prominent privacy features — its one-stop dashboard for monitoring exactly how apps are accessing potentially sensitive types of info on your phone and then allowing you to reclaim control.

The Android 12 feature it’s modeled after is also called the Privacy Dashboard. And to say this app’s implementation takes inspiration from it might actually be an understatement.

Here, for illustration, is the actual Android 12 Privacy Dashboard, as designed by Le Googlé:

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