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How to switch from Android to iPhone


The days when migrating from an Android device to an Apple iPhone was characterized by frustration, complexity, and lost data are for the most part behind us. Which means when you’re ready to make the leap to the Apple ecosystem, as many are, the process should be straightforward — and even easier if you follow this guide.

There’s an app for that: Move to iOS

Apple has created Move to iOS, an app to soothe the pain when moving to an iPhone. The app is available in the Google Play Store and automates much of the migration process for you.

Move to iOS Apple

The Move to iOS app makes it easy to transfer data and apps from an Android device to an Apple iPhone.

Specifically, what the app does is help move your contacts, message history, photos, albums, videos, bookmarks, schedule, Google/mail account, and accessibility and display settings to your new device. It does not move music, books, or PDFs, which you must transfer manually, as explained below. It’s also essential that you take note of all your passwords (or begin using a password manager such as 1Password), as those are not carried across by this app.

Security is important. To keep your information safe during the migration, everything is transferred across a temporary, secure, private Wi-Fi network the app creates between the two phones; that means your information does not need to be uploaded or downloaded from the cloud.

The bottom line? Once you’ve purchased your new Apple device, download Move to iOS to your Android handset before you proceed. (If you don’t use the app, you could lose information, since doing this manually can be time-consuming and tedious. That’s why Apple made the app.) Don’t begin setting up your iPhone until you’ve installed the app and are ready to begin this process. (Too late? See “What to do if something goes wrong” below.)

Dos and don’ts when moving from Android to iOS

Make sure you have enough storage on your iPhone to hold all the data you’re moving over. If you try to transfer more data than the iPhone can hold, the process will fail. One way around this is to upload photos and videos to an online storage service or computer, then add them your collection later.

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