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How to unlock Google Assistant’s most advanced Android shortcuts


Google Assistant’s got all sorts of time-saving smarts on Android. That much we all know by now, right?

But get this: Assistant’s most useful Android superpower is something that’s completely out of sight and up to you to dig up and activate. (And no, I’m not talking about its freshly expanded Android automation station — though that’s pretty sweet, too.)

This superpower is an intricate web of advanced Assistant commands connected to the specific apps and services you use the most on your Android device. And yet, if you didn’t figure out where to look and then take the time to tick off all the right toggles, those commands would never be available or any in way apparent to you.

Not to worry, though: I’ve got ya covered. Just follow the quick ‘n’ simple steps below, and you’ll never miss a thing.

Speaking of which, if you’re hungry for even more Android shortcut magic, head over to my free Android Shortcut Supercourse next. It’ll teach you all sorts of time-saving tricks for your phone — no matter what type of Googley gizmo you’re using.

The Google Assistant Android shortcut secret

First things first, some good news: Getting into Assistant’s Android shortcut mecca couldn’t be much easier. And whether you had no idea that area existed or you just hadn’t thought to check up on it lately, it’s well worth your while to peek in and see what possibilities it presents.

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