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How to use Apple’s advanced iCloud security tools


Apple recently rolled out new iCloud security features that could help protect mobile professionals when they’re on the road. The features include better iCloud data security, improved iMessage security, and more.

Here is how to use these new iCloud protections.

Secure your digital assets

No one should doubt that protecting personal or enterprise data has become more important than ever. Apple introduced Lockdown Mode for iCloud in 2022, following this up with even more protections in December and, most recently, introducing free privacy and security sessions in Apple retail stores in 2023.

The December collection of iCloud privacy protection tools include:

  • Advanced Data Protection for iCloud (available today in some locations).
  • iMessage Contact Key Verification (set to debut later this year).
  • Security Keys for Apple ID.

What do they do, and how do you use them?

Advanced Data Protection for iCloud

What it is

Apple has always encrypted some of the information you store in iCloud to protect it from prying eyes. With the introduction of iOS 16.3 and macOS 13.2, it locked things down even further, protecting more categories of information and making it possible to decrypt that data only on trusted devices. The caveat emptor is that once you put Advanced Data Protection for iCloud in place, you must also set up an alternate recovery method (device passcode, recovery contact or recovery key) in case you lose access to your account, as Apple cannot help you when you enable protection at this level.

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