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How to use Apple’s iPad Magic Keyboard


Got yourself one of those new-fangled Magic Keyboards for the iPad Pro to use while working remotely? Go, you! Here’s what you need to know to get the best out of it, best read alongside my earlier iPad productivity guide.

How to wake it up

Press any key to wake your iPad. Press a key once more to get to the Lock screen, where you can unlock the tablet with your passcode or Face ID.

How to adjust the viewing angle

Apple’s new keyboard makes your iPad feel a little like the G4 iMac, in that you can tilt your tablet up or down until you find your ideal viewing angle.

One thing it doesn’t do well is tilt to a drawing angle, prompting some on the Internet to note that if you turn the device so the keyboard faces away from you and prop the lip of the iPad just above the trackpad you get a kind of unofficial “drawing angle.” (Take a look at the image above for how this works.)

How to get to the software keyboard with the hardware connected

There may be times when the software (on screen) keyboard is more useful than the Magic Keyboard. Rather than disconnect the physical keyboard just tap the down arrow on the physical keyboard and then touch and hold the downward pointing arrow at the bottom right of the screen that you see. The software keyboard appears.

Tap the keyboard icon to get back to using Magic Keyboard.

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