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iCloud for Windows: What is it (and how do you use it)?


If you use both Apple and Windows devices, then you should also be using iCloud for Windows. It’s an app for your Windows system that enables you to access iCloud data and features from your PC.

To get started, first download the app from Microsoft’s App Store.

iCloud for Windows Microsoft

iCloud for Windows is avalable in MIcrsofot’s App Store.

What is Apple’s iCloud?

iCloud is an essential component across the Apple universe. It’s used to share iCloud Drive files, sync contacts, devices, and other personal data, and to provide access to a variety of Apple’s services including key apps such as Photos and Mail. You also get access to limited collaboration and sharing features along with a powerful password manager.

Apple understands that many of its customers rely on multiple platforms for different tasks, using, for exmple, an iPhone and a Windows PC. With that in mind, it recently introduced new applications to replace iTunes for Windows, including dedicated TV, Music, and device management apps.

It is also why the company works to make iCloud services cross-platform through the iCloud for Windows app; in addition to being a free download from Microsoft’s App Stores, it’s also available directly from Apple.

Then app requires a PC running Windows 10 (the 64-bit May 2019 Update or later) or Windows 11.

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