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iPhone SE 2022: Apple reads the room


When it comes to the next iPhone SE, recent speculation suggests Apple is reading the room. It knows we’re facing a period of deep global economic uncertainty and seems to recognize the changing nature of consumer culture in crisis.

iPhone SE 2022 to be the ‘cheapest 5G iPhone ever’

Apple’s anticipated iPhone SE in 2022 will be offered up as the “cheapest 5G iPhone in history.” A report from UDN in Taiwan (as spotted by Patently Apple) states that the device:

“Is reported to retain a 4.7-inch LCD screen and Touch ID fingerprint recognition function. The new machine focuses on internal updates. The third-generation iPhone SE processor will be upgraded to an A15 chip to support 5G networks. Apple will position it as the ‘cheapest 5G iPhone in history.'”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the SE will gain 5G capabilities in 2022; Nikkei made the same claim earlier.

For reference, the current and previously cheapest 5G iPhone, the iPhone mini, costs $699 — while the current iPhone SE goes for $399. Does that mean we can anticipate a 5G iPhone for $399? Or will Apple go higher while claiming to be lower in one of its classic marketing-related sleights of hand?

What to expect

We think Apple will introduce the next edition of its SE in the spring, following by two years its last update in April 2020. The latest report suggests that, despite component shortages, production is on schedule and will begin in December. In recent news, Apple’s leading iPhone manufacturing partner recently began recruiting 200,000 workers for its factory in Shenzhen.

There’s a chance Apple will replace the iPhone mini with the SE on the basis that the division between the two means neither product seems clear. This would be a great shame for users who like smaller iPhones.

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