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iPhone users complain iOS 16 is a battery drain, has other issues


Two weeks after Apple launched iOS 16, users continue to complain the mobile OS is sucking their battery power far too quickly.

Battery life tends to take an initial hit when new OSes are rolled out because updates to software and apps, as well as the reindexing files, photos, and other functions, taxes the processor, and thus, the battery. But over time, those background updates cease, and battery usage levels typically return to normal levels.

According to the business analytics service Mixpanel, about 13.3% of iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 16 since it was rolled out on Sept. 12. That’s when reports of battery issues started popping up.

“Running on a 13 Pro and I’m getting noticeable battery drain compared to iOS 15.6.1,” said one user commenting on MacRumors’ iOS 16 Battery Drain Thread. “I had to recharge mid-way through the day (I don’t allow my phone to dip below 30% to keep battery health in tip top shape). FYI my battery health is at 99%. And yes, this is iOS 16 production (non beta).”

Another poster wrote yesterday, “This is ridiculous. It’s been how long since 16? My phone still gets hot…and the battery drains a lot faster than before 16. Just got this pop up. And I’m not even doing anything!”

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A MacRumors user posted this image of a notification iOS 16 gave him regarding overheating. The user claimed he was in an air conditioned room at the time.

Apple news site 9to5Mac polled its readers last week and found 63% of iPhone users indicated their battery life is worse after installing iOS 16.

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