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iPhone users have become more cautious about fast iOS upgrades


The urgency with which IT needs to prepare for major iOS releases seems to have slowed since the early days when everyone rushed to install the latest version of Apple’s mobile software.

At least this year, iPhone users appear to have become a little more laid back.

The installation patterns are changing

The reasons for thinking this are suggested by the latest Mixpanel stats. As of earlier today, Mixpanel claims roughly 13.3% of iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 16 since it was introduced this week. That’s a slightly more rapid adoption rate than iOS 15 saw (11.7%) last year, damaged as that release was by user reluctance to accept on-device content monitoring.

Here are Mixpanel’s installation data points for earlier iOS releases at this point in the release cycle:

  • iOS 16: 13.3%
  • iOS 15: 11.7%.
  • iOS 14: 14.7%.
  • iOS 13: 12%.
  • iOS 12: 13%.
  • iOS 11: 19.2%.

As you can see, the last five iOS upgrades have all shown very similar installation patterns, with iOS 11 being the most swiftly installed upgrade since 2017.

The data basically confirms that while people are still excited when new iOS versions ship, they have also become more discerning about exactly when they choose to upgrade.

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