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Is that an iPad in your fire truck or am I seeing things?


In one frequently mocked Apple iPad ad, a small child asked, “What’s a computer?” Critics continue to claim the tablet isn’t a real computer, and while that may be true sometimes, that’s not always the case.

Just ask the fire service.

Your iPad does emergency calls

An article from Fire Apparatus Magazine offers insights into how iPads are evolving to fill the spaces mobile teams rely on.

Clad in Otterbox robust cases, Apple’s tablets are slowly but surely replacing many of the rugged devices these teams traditionally used, at least, until this replacement device came along. Not only that, but as Apple continues to improve iPad capabilities we’re seeing the number of ways in which they can provision the computational resources people actually need to use.

Sure. You can’t develop Xcode on an iPad (though you can use them for advanced graphics editing). And you can use them to drive emergency communications, help handle emergency triage, or as tools to enhance fitness in professions where physical capacity really does represent life and death.

Perhaps Apple would have seen less criticism if it had scripted that small child asking a different question, such as, “What’s a computer for?” — because that’s truly the nub here. In many cases, tablets fulfil a core need.

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