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Jamf CEO: ‘Technology has become the entire employee experience’


Reflecting Apple’s growing enterprise status, enterprise management software company Jamf this week succesfully issued an IPO. I spoke with CEO Dean Hager to discuss digital transformation and the acceleration of Apple’s place in the enterprise.

Everyone who can now works from home

The worldwide move to support remote working has increased demand for products like those from Jamf as enterprises needed robust solutions to support their business.

“How long have you heard us talk about zero-touch deployment?” Hager asked. “I mean that was visionary six months ago and now it’s what is required.”

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across multiple industries. In healthcare, Hager noted previous work with Jacobs Medical Center to equip the hospital with iPads in 2016. This was unique at the time, yet during the crisis smartphones and tablets have become the only way doctors can visit patients for routine problems.

It’s the same in education, where mobile devices have more or less become the only way to deliver tuition to kids. “We were in the right place at the right time to be able to help these organizations through the pandemic,” said Hager.

Does he see these changes as a permanent thing? In a word, yes.

“I think the digital transformation that has happened in the last few months is here to stay,” he said. “Now that people have gotten a taste of working from home, they will want to continue doing it. We think that this will become part of the new normal.”

Work like the Jetsons

Jamf has been at the front of the Apple-in-the-enterprise curve for decades and now helps 40,000 businesses handle a growing fleet of 17 million Apple devices.

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