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Jamf CIO: Apple will be the No. 1 enterprise endpoint by 2030


I spoke with Jamf CIO Linh Lam on a recent UK visit to mark the company’s 20th anniversary. The 2020 Bay Area CIO of the Year Finalist joined Jamf in 2021 – and thinks Apple will be the top enterprise endpoint by 2030 as its current momentum accelerates.

The changing landscape of enterprise IT

“The way the demand is growing and the expectations of younger generations joining the workforce, Apple devices will be the number one endpoint by 2030,” she told me.

That’s not an outlier analysis. Spurred by Apple’s move to adopt its own rapidly improving silicon, Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa recently predicted Apple will seize 10.7% of the PC market in 2026 as Windows share slips. In the enterprise, where Apple adoption has been particularly rapid, BYOD, the impact of mobility, and the renaissance of flexible and hybrid working are accelerating the trend.

Managing this fast-changing technology and cultural landscape has forced CIOs to focus on fresh challenges. For example, when during the pandemic employees brought work home with them, they brought their technology home, too.

“It blended with their home technology,” said Lam. But it wasn’t just the worker’s tech, or their domestic tech. “I have two children at home doing third and first grade for nearly two years together and they bought their own tech home as well,” Lam said.

While providing the tech was the first challenge, CIOs soon saw the security threat implicit in distributed endpoints outside of traditional permiter controls. “So, as all of these devices are connecting into our network, how do we make sure that they are not introducing more risks?” Lim said.

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