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Jamf expands Apple device management and security suite


Jamf is expanding its reach with new security solutions for Android and Windows devices along with new tools to help better manage enterprise Apple-centric fleets.

The company recently also announced Executive Threat Protection, a sophisticated security protection solution to help protect execs, media, government and other high-value targets against spyware.

Minding the gap?

The company made a range of announcements at its spring event. Jamf CEO Dean Hager said: “We at Jamf bridge the gap between the great innovations at Apple and what businesses and schools require — and we have always been Apple-first.”

With that in mind, the company’s tools rely on Apple’s latest innovations for enterprise tech, including MDM APIs, Declarative Device Management and Managed Device Attestation.

But it appears the company is widening its lens. “After establishing the foundation and support for new Apple workflows, Jamf is broadening the reach of several of our security products for institutions that may not be Apple exclusive,” Hager said. “Whatever your device ecosystem and size of deployment, Jamf is here to help you maximize your technology investment and power your end users.”

Better tools for account management, authentication, deployment

Jamf continues to improve its Jamf Connect suite for account management and authentication. To achieve this, it has extended Jamf Connect to include zero-trust access capabilities, including a useful auto-activation after setup feature.

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