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Jamf, TRUCE bring Apple to the deskless enterprise


A new partnership between Jamf and TRUCE Software will deliver significant benefits to Apple-based enterprises with remote, deskless workforces in such industries as manufacturing or construction.

The remote remote workers

The idea sems pretty solid. Think how a move to adopt Apple kit and management solutions such as Jamf has enabled remote working to flourish during the pandemic.

Workers and employees have been able to get provisioned with software and hardware, while essential data on or available to those devices is protected by an array of tools, such as console-based remote device management.

That’s fine for desk jockeys, but what about more traditionally and truly mobile professionals? Why shouldn’t they enjoy a set of relevant benefits? Solutions can support the work of field service engineers, architects, and workers across manufacturing.

These are the markets Jamf and TRUCE are aiming for with this partnership.

Mobile use policy that’s relevant

The idea is that employers can enforce mobile-use policy with customized app availability, notifications and other functions. While doing so, they can also make use of location and movement data to add a surface of relevance to what’s going on.

An architect may carry plans that are only available on site and in the office, for example, or a service engineer could find the exact documents they need are available to them when they reach a remote site.

The solution also addresses the issue of enterprise mobile use policy that becomes so restrictive it forces employees to carry two devices — one for business, another for personal — if only to build a privacy wall between those two uses.

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