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Meet Apple’s telepresence robot | Computerworld


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced every industry to improvise and innovate to build agility and resilience to get through the crisis. Now, a key Apple partner is using telepresence robots as it leads construction of a Apple’s new headquarters in London.

Apple’s telepresence robot

Apple’s billion-dollar Californian headquarters is somewhat under-used at the moment, but the company continues to invest in new centers worldwide as it continues to experience global growth. Apple in the UK has taken over a large part of the globally recognized Battersea Power Station for its new UK headquarters.

These plush new offices are currently under construction by Foster + Partners — who also built the U.S. HQ and this week  introduced us to the on-site robot. (Technically, it’s not Apple’s robot, but it’s hard not to imagine the company making use of the data it generates.)

Manufactured by Boston Dynamics, the Spot robot is being used to oversee construction of the Battersea project — and is also an excellent example of several other technologies Apple is currently developing for mass market use.

What Spot does and why it matters

As you can see, it is being used to scan the construction site and monitor progress. I imagine key project managers at Apple responsible for the project use this to virtually visit the site to keep an eye on what is going on.

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