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Meet Chrome OS Flex, Google’s new weapon for desktop domination


Google’s Chrome OS platform has come a ridiculously long way in an incredibly short time.

Back when it launched in 2010, Chrome OS truly was just a browser in a box — a dead-simple operating system designed to act as a portal to the web and not much more. The software had no desktop, no task bar, and barely even anything in the way of settings. It was essentially just a full-screen browser window — and that’s it.

Fast-forward to 2022, and Chrome OS is a fully featured and impressively polished computing solution. Between the platform’s ongoing expansion and the rapid evolution in how we all use computers, Chromebooks are now a genuinely practical and often advantageous option for business, personal, and education-related use.

The trick now for Google, particularly on the business front, is getting companies to give up the Windows habit and actually give Chrome OS a try.

Part of that challenge is closing the gaps with how some companies still approach computing. Plain and simple, while Chrome OS might be able to handle 95% of a typical organization’s needs, lots of places still rely on legacy programs that operate only in the Windows environment. So a little over a year ago, Google came up with a way to handle that and offer enterprises the ability to run Windows apps within Chrome OS with virtually no ongoing effort.

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