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Microsoft Bing is about to get chatty with OpenAI


Microsoft today unveiled a new AI-powered Edge browser and Bing search engine with a “chat” functionality.

The new search engine allows users to ask questions and receive answers from GPT-4, the latest version of the artifical intelligence (AI) language model built by research lab OpenAI. The new, AI-powered search engine and Edge browser are available in preview now at Bing.com.

The announcement today highlighted Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, the  research venture that created ChatGPT, a chatbot that can generate natural language, essay-like answers to user-submitted text questions. The new AI-powered search capability will generate answers similar to how ChatGPT does, the company said.

For example, the revamped Bing search engine and web browser will be able to respond to questions such as, “Plan a week-long trip to Paris,” producing an itinerary based on information scraped from the internet, according to CNBC. Then, a user can follow the question up by asking something something like, “How much will it cost?”

microsoft bing ai image Microsoft

An example of a Bing search using OpenAI’s chatbot technology.

Microsoft also updated Edge with AI capabilities and a new look, and added two new functionalities: chat and compose. With the Edge Sidebar, a user can ask for a summary of a lengthy financial report to get the key takeaways — and then use the chat function to ask for a comparison with a competing company’s financials and have the data automatically put in a table.

A user can also ask Edge to help compose content, such as a LinkedIn post, by giving it a few prompts to get started. After that, it can be used to update the tone, format, and length of the post. “Edge can understand the web page you’re on and adapts accordingly,” Microsoft said.

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