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Microsoft Edge has edged out Apple’s Safari in browser popularity


Microsoft Edge has passed Apple’s Safari to become the world’s second most popular desktop browser based on data provided by web analytics service StatCounter.

In February, Microsoft Edge was on the cusp of catching Safari with less than a half percentage point (9.54% to 9.84%) between the two browsers in terms of popularity among desktop users. StatCounter’s latest figures show Edge is now used on 10.07% of desktop computers worldwide, 0.46% ahead of Safari; the latter dropped to 9.61%.

Google Chrome still holds the top spot by a long shot, at 66.58% of all desktop users. And Mozilla’s Firefox had just  7.87% of the share, a significant drop from the 9.18% share it held in February. The new data was first reported by MacRumors.

Edge’s lead on other browsers differs greatly depending on location. For example, in the US, Edge is well behind Safari — Edge has just 12.55% market share while Safari claims 17.1%. In Europe, Edge long ago passed Safari, with 11.73% and 9.36%, respectively. 

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World’s most popular desktop browsers according to StatCounter

Firefox never really had much market share to begin with. And it doesn’t have the marketing clout of either Microsoft or Google, which means lower brand recognition — and virtually none outside the techie community, according to Jack Gold, principal analyst at research firm J. Gold Associates.

“So I don’t think Firefox will ever be more than a niche ‘alternative’ to the other guys,” Gold said.

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