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Microsoft’s Edge challenges Safari as second most-popular browser


Microsoft Edge is now used on 9.54% of desktops worldwide, just behind Safari at 9.84%, according to data  published this week by web analytics service StatCounter. It’s the highest market share for Edge reported by StatCounter to date.

Google Chrome still holds the top spot by a long shot at 65.38%, with Mozilla Firefox bringing up the rear with 9.18% market share. The new data was first reported by TechRadar.

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Edge’s lead on other browsers differs greatly depending on location. For example, in the US, Edge is well behind Safari — Edge has just 12.1% market share while Safari claims 18.2%. In Europe and Asia, Edge has already passed Safari, with 10.9% and 7.46%, respectively. Apple’s Safari runs on 9.95% of desktops in Europe and just 5.41% of desktops in Asia.

All in all, Edge is now a worthy competitor to Goggle Chrome, with rivals such as Firefox apparently losing the limited popularity they already had, according to Jack Gold, president and principal analyst at J. Gold Associates.

In 2020, Microsoft relaunched Edge, recasting it with Google’s dominant Chromium technology; it’s the same browser code that powers Chrome. Not only did Microsoft make Edge a Chrome copy, it also expanded support to versions of Windows other than 10, including macOS and Linux.

“For one thing, when Microsoft switched to a Chromium engine, Edge got a lot faster and more compatible with more websites that, because of the preponderance of Google Chrome browsers, were built to be compatible with Chrome and not the older Edge (it had some unique requirements for full compatibility),” Gold said. 

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