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Monday.com launches new CRM tool


Cloud-based work management platform Monday.com is branching out into customer relationship management (CRM) software, with the launch of a fully-customizable Monday Sales CRM.

The launch is the first of five job-specific products to be launched by the software company. Together, they will aim to better support teams working across sales, marketing, software development, and project management.

The new CRM platform has been built on Monday’s customizable no-code framework, Work OS, and allows users to manage their sales cycle and unify all customer processes on a single platform.

For example, once a deal is completed, Monday Sales CRM will immediately create a new account to start client onboarding, surface any data related to a specific account, and automatically cross-sync customer data across departments, removing the need for a dedicated account administrator.

In addition to unifying the sales process, Monday Sales CRM also allows users to automate repetitive tasks, track team goals, manage post-sale activities, and fast-track the sales hiring process.

Monday Sales CRM integrates with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook to send, receive and automatically log sent emails and notifies users when a lead opens or replies to an email. The tool also integrates with popular third-party enterprise applications and services, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Aircall, Mailchimp, PandaDoc, and Docusign.

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