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OpenAI’s ChatGPT app for iPad, iPhone hits 500K downloads


OpenAI shipped its ChatGPT app for iPads and iPhones just a week ago, but it has already become one of the most popular applications in the last two years, with over half a million downloads in the first six days. That’s a real achievement, but also a challenge — that’s half a million potential data vulnerabilities.

Not to rest on its laurels, this year’s favorite smart assistant (so far) is now also available in 41 additional nations. There’s little doubt that this has been one of the most successful software/service introductions of all time, but that doesn’t change the inherent risk of these technologies.

Keep the red flag flying

The popularity of the app should wave a red flag for IT leaders, who must redouble efforts to warn staff not to input valuable personal or corporate data into the service. The danger in doing so is that data gathered by OpenAI has already been attacked once, and it’s only a matter of time until someone gets at that information.

After all, digital security today isn’t about if an incident happens, but when.

To coin a phrase from Apple’s playbook, the best way to protect data online is not to put the information there in the first place. That’s why iPhones and other products from Cupertino (via China, India, and Vietnam) work on the principle of data minimization, reducing the quantity of information collected and taking pains to reduce the need to send it to servers for processing.

That’s a great approach, not just because it reduces the quantity of information that can slip out but because it also reduces the opportunity for humans to make mistakes in the first place.

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