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Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro? Some real-world guidance that might surprise you


To Pixel 6 or to Pixel 6 Pro? That is the question.

By now, you’ve no doubt heard plenty about Google’s latest and greatest Pixels. So rather than repeat what you’ve already seen in several dozen other places, I thought we’d focus on a purely practical, real-world comparison for anyone torn between the two Pixel 6 models. I’ve been carrying around both the regular Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro and living with ’em for nearly two weeks now, and I’ve collected some pretty telling observations that might be a bit different from the more spec-oriented comparisons you’ve pored over elsewhere.

First and foremost, I’d say this: Lots of traditional tech reviews tend to focus on measurement minutia and place the greatest emphasis on numerically driven, objective variables. It’s understandable, as that’s part of the job of the traditional tech reviewer — and coming up with an authoritative assessment is certainly easier when you have consistent variables to add up and compare.

But I’d also say this: That kind of thinking frequently misses the forest for the trees. As an actual tech-totin’ human, the amount of RAM in a phone or the number of pixels in its display won’t mean much for you. All that really matters is what the phone is like to use in your day-to-day life. In contrast to all those objective measures, figuring out which phone is worth carrying is an inherently subjective, experience-based judgment.

And that sort of thinking is 100% what we’re gonna get into here.

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