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Pixel power! 42 advanced Assistant actions for any Pixel phone


Google Assistant’s got plenty of tucked away tricks for anyone using Android. But you? You own one of Google’s own Pixel phones, you magnificent knobby-kneed land mammal. You’ve got the best, most Googley experience available anywhere on Android. And that means you’ve got some extra-spectacular next-level voice commands at your disposal and just waiting to be used.

The problem is that, like most typical voice commands (and, ahem, plenty of other Android features), the Pixel-exclusive Assistant extras are virtually invisible — and that means it’s up to you to realize they exist and then remember to use ’em.

Well, that second part’s mostly on your shoulders. But I can help with the first part today.

Here, as a follow-up to our ongoing exploration of exceptional Assistant options, are 42 Pixel-specific voice commands that’ll save you time, make it easier to get around your device, and generally make it easier to get stuff done.

All you’ve gotta do is say “Hey Google” — or use whichever other Assistant-summoning tactic you like — and then start talking.

Read on, then come check out my free Pixel Academy e-course to uncover even more advanced intelligence lurking within your favorite Pixel phone.

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