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Rackspace is now the roach motel of cloud platforms


I have been a longtime fan of Rackspace as a cloud platform. Indeed, I strongly recommended them for their excellent security and, particularly, for their superb customer service and technical support. 

At its height (which included the first half of 2021), tech support staff would answer the phone within a minute, overwhelmingly be helpful, informed, and almost always take the time to review any notes from earlier tech calls (and leave detailed notes for any follow-ups). Indeed, when one of our sites was hit by an especially aggressive and persistent D-DOS attack, it immediately put multiple teams on the problem and added additional software until the attack was resolved three days later.

But that all changed in the second half of last year, after the company announced a large layoff. Within a month, tech support and customer service quality plunged. They’re were issues in multiple departments. Support staff — assuming you could hold on long enough to reach someone — didn’t listen to what was going on, never reviewed earlier notes (assuming there were any) and seemed to barely understand their own services.

(During a security incident, I asked one tech support person if I could talk with someone in security. He said Rackspace didn’t have a security department, which was quite a surprise to the Rackspace security staffer I later talked to.) 

What finally set me off, however, was a 3 a.m. email change that deleted tens of thousands of company emails. As bad as that was, I would have written it off had the company given me explicit details about what and how it had happened. But no meaningful details were shared, no apology offered. So I decided to leave Rackspace and move to a different cloud platform (Pair, which delivered the excellent tech support Rackspace used to offer — and they cost a lot less).

Alas, my decision to leave is not where the story ends. That’s when I realized I was trapped in a cloud roach motel: users could check in, but it was all but impossible to check out. Technically, Rackspace eventually let the account close, but it kept billing me. (I kind of wanted the account closing to mean billing would stop.)

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