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Recent Windows 11 Insider build looks to thwart Edge browser workarounds


A recent Windows 11’s Insider Preview build appears to foil workarounds that let users set rival browsers as defaults, forcing them to rely on Microsoft’s Edge to handle web links.

Typically, a system uses whatever browser is set as the default in order to bring up https:// links. The latest Windows 11 build (22494), however, appears to push a user to set Edge as their browser by bringing up links as microsoft-edge:https://.

In other words, Microsoft updated the Windows 11 Preview to block any attempts to redirect some URLs away from the Edge browser.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Windows Insider program offers three channels for early adopters: a Dev Channel where new features are introduced for initial testing; a Beta Channel, where more complete features are included for final testing (best for users who want the most stable builds); and a Program Release Preview channel for testing cumulative updates. After feedback from the Insider community, Microsoft may modify, keep, or remove updates.

That latest change to the Windows 11 build for users of the Insider program precludes user systems from bypassing Microsoft Edge in order to use third-party browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Brave, as well as workaround apps, such as EdgeDeflector.

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