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Teradici brings Mac-as-a-service to multiple platforms


In the wake of Windows 365’s arrival, Mac-as-a-service takes another step forward as Teradici adds macOS support to its Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS).

Teradici CAS now provides high-quality remote Mac access that’s sufficiently robust to support computationally intensive workloads in a range of systems. I spoke with Ziad Lammam, Teradici’s vice president of product, to find out more.

Why does it matter?

Teradici’s solution is likely to be highly significant to some enterprises embracing remote work, as it will enable them to provide Macs to remote or externally based engineering, design, and development groups in a way that protects any content or data held on those machines.

“Teradici CAS users have even more flexibility to re-imagine their workflows post-pandemic and can now securely remote into their high-powered Mac wherever they may be, including from their home office,” David Smith, CEO at Teradici, said in a statement. The company also says that when users access a Mac remotely, the experience should feel the same “as if they were on a local machine.”

The solution should be of use across multiple industries, including the animation, VFX, broadcast, education, software development, government, healthcare, and CAD sectors. With it, users can remotely access a Mac as if they were on a local machine with high resolution and accurate color fidelity, as the below video shows.

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