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The Android 12 Quick Settings trick you’ve been missing


We’ve seen lots of significant changes to Android over the past decade. For the first time in a long time, though, Android 12 actually feels like a whole new smartphone experience.

That’s because Android 12 is the first Android version in years to introduce sweeping changes to the software’s front-facing appearance. The new Material You design standard represents a gigantic evolution for the way Android looks and what a device running the operating system is like to use.

By and large, that evolution is a good thing. But with any progression comes certain quirks that don’t always jibe with your day-to-day desires.

For lots of folks, one such element is Android 12’s adjusted approach to Quick Settings — y’know, that panel of fast-access tiles you can reach by swiping down from the top of your device’s screen. That was certainly the case with one of my Android Intelligence Platinum members, who recently contacted me on my Platinum Help Desk with the desperate plea for a creative solution to help her customize her phone’s Quick Settings and undo the “improvements” Android 12 introduced.

Well, here’s the good news — and the same thing I told her: As with most things in Android, the power to decide how you want your device to work ultimately resides in your hands. (Novel concept, no?) And if Android 12’s Quick Settings setup isn’t quite cuttin’ it for ya, lemme tell ya: You’ve got a spectacularly simple way to flex that phone-owner muscle and take control.

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