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The awkward thing about Android 13


Android 13 may be one of Google’s strangest Android versions yet. And considering the company we’re talking about here, my goodness, that’s really saying something.

Android 13 — currently in the final phase of its beta development and expected to be launched any moment now — is without a doubt one of the most shape-shifting software updates in Android’s history. It’ll completely change the way Android looks, feels, and acts and open the door to a whole new side of growth for the platform.

And yet, at the same time, most average Android-owning animals who get Android 13 on their phones are gonna find themselves befuddled about what the fudd the update even does.

It’s a funny sort of dueling identity — and it’s made even more awkward by the likely twist in timing that’ll accompany it.

Allow me to explain.

The Android 13 duality

Most new Android versions have traditionally been fairly straightforward: You get the software on your device, and you can immediately see what new stuff it introduces into your phone-using experience.

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