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The best buried Android 13 treasures


If you’ve got a Google Pixel phone, it’s time to rejoice — for some shiny new software is on its way to you this week.

Android 13, Google’s latest and greatest Android version, officially made its landing on Monday and is in the midst of rolling out to current Pixel devices as we speak.

That means if you’ve got a Pixel 4 or higher, it should be showing up in your sweaty person-palms any moment now. And that, in turn, means you’ve got some spectacular new Googley goodies to explore.

For everyone else — well, time will tell. It’s up to each device-maker to process and deliver Android updates to its customers, and not all phones are created equal. You can look back to my Android 12 Upgrade Report Card for a general gauge of how long your phone’s manufacturer tends to take with rollouts (and then maybe think about if you really want to be buying phones from that company in the future).

For now, it’s a Pixel party here in the land o’ Android — and gersh dern it, it’s time to celebrate. Android 13’s most prominent Pixel-affecting additions may seem subtle, given the software’s focus on tablets and foldables, but don’t let the familiar-feeling interface fool you. All under-the-hood enhancements and security-aimed improvements aside, Android 13’s got some absolutely awesome stuff to be found — if you know where to look.

Ready to dig up your Pixel’s newest buried treasures?

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