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The best calendar apps for Android


Quick: What app do you use to manage your calendar on your phone?

If you’re anything like most people I hear from, the answer’s probably something along the lines of: “Uh…whatever calendar app came on the phone when I got it?”

It’s a surprisingly common position, but guess what? On Android in particular, there’s a decent chance your phone’s default calendar app isn’t the best option. And it doesn’t take much work to give yourself an upgrade. In fact, you don’t have to look any further than this very page.

After much exploration and experimentation, I’ve identified the best Android calendar apps available for different styles of professional schedule management. Some are meant to act as replacements for the less-than-stellar services that come preinstalled on certain phones, while others are supplements that have the potential to add worthwhile functions into any Android calendar setup.

We’ll start with the simplest and work our way up to some increasingly advanced and feature-laden options.

The best all-around Android calendar app for most users

Google Calendar

If you don’t have any special needs or requirements — and especially if you’re already using Google Calendar on the desktop — Google’s own native Calendar application is a spectacular way to manage your agenda on Android.

And lest you think it’s too obvious to warrant inclusion in this list, remember: The Google Calendar app doesn’t actually come preinstalled on all Android devices, including the massive number of phones sold by Samsung. If you’re using a Galaxy phone in particular, switching to the Google Calendar app will represent a significant leap forward in both overall experience and protection of your data (ahem).

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The official Google Calendar app for Android is clean, simple, and easy to use — and it has all the basics most business users require.

The Calendar app is nicely designed and easy to use, with a clean and simple scrollable agenda view along with serviceable monthly, weekly, daily, and three-day viewing options. It closely matches the Calendar experience on the web and gives you thought-free syncing of your Google Calendar agenda. And it probably goes without saying, but the Google Calendar app is free for individuals and built into the enterprise-level G Suite package.

The best Android calendar app if you have a Microsoft account in the mix

Microsoft Outlook

If you lean on Microsoft for your agenda organization — or rely on a mix of Microsoft and Google, thanks to the presence of both personal and work accounts on your device — the most effective way to keep up with your calendar on Android is with Microsoft’s official Outlook app.

Once you sign into the app using your Microsoft account, you’ll see all of your Outlook-associated appointments right alongside events from Google Calendar — for any accounts you have connected to your phone. That effortless configuration is a sharp contrast to the numerous hoops you have to jump through to get Outlook events to show up within Google’s app.

02 android calendar apps microsoft outlookJR Raphael/IDG

Microsoft’s Outlook app for Android has an integrated calendar function that effortlessly brings different data sources together.

And cross-account compatibility aside, the calendar portion of Microsoft’s Android Outlook app is also just intuitively designed and pleasant to use. It’s a commendable tool for keeping track of appointments on the go, regardless of what account or series of accounts you’re using.

The best Android calendar app if you want extra features and customization

Business Calendar 2

For professional users seeking an Android calendar experience with some extra oomph, Business Calendar 2 represents a noteworthy upgrade over the status quo. The thoughtfully designed app offers all the basics you’d expect along with handy additional features, such as an always-present favorites bar that lets you easily hide or show different calendars with a single tap, a week slider to quickly zoom into any date range you need, and a custom template system for faster event creation.

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