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The Chrome shortcut sidebar you didn’t know you needed


I’ll admit it: I’ve found myself tempted to switch browsers more than a few times lately.

Let me offer up a little context on my near-transgressions: I’ve relied on Chrome for longer than I can remember at this point. Standard story, I know, right? But it’s true: By and large, Chrome gives me everything I want in a browser and then some. We’re very much in the comfortable marriage phase of our relationship: Sure, the initial thrill of the courtship might be gone, but we know each other inside and out now. And we’ve gained a level of trust, familiarity, and comfort that’s tough to replicate.

Even so, every now and then, some alluring new thang comes along and flashes its fancy features in my direction. Maybe it’s Microsoft Edge, with its enticingly unusual approach to putting tabs on the side of the screen instead of at the top. Maybe it’s the appropriately named Sidekick — no, not the early T-Mobile phone that acted as a kind of future-predicting ancestor to Android, but the Chrome-competing desktop browser that tries to reimagine the browser window as a web-based work operating system of sorts. It arranges your tabs as apps in a persistent vertical sidebar, collects your notifications in a single streamlined place right alongside your web window, and adds in a smart search system that acts as a universal finder tool for all of your online stuff.

I’ve spent plenty of time flirting with comely young creatures like these, and — I’ll admit it — I’ve even had the occasional dalliance when I’ve switched over to ’em for a short while. But in the end, I always end up coming back to Chrome. Getting accustomed to an entire new browser environment, giving up all the useful forms of cross-device syncing and Google service integration I’ve learned to rely on, and letting go of my many mastered shortcuts and time-savers from the Chrome environment is always just too high of a price to pay for some new feature or interface idea.

Well, I’ve got good news: If you’re similarly committed to Chrome but intrigued by some of these newer productivity-promising browser concepts, there’s now a way for you to have your cake and eat it, too. And its name — rather ironically, for something that’ll keep you from having to switch browsers — is Switch.

Allow me to introduce you, won’t ya?

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