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The glorious return of the scrappy Android underdogs


A funny thing is happening now here in the land o’ Android.

At a time when you’d think the powerful big dogs of Android devices would be dominating the dojo and leaving little air for anyone else to enter, a series of small, scrappy startups is earning attention among the Android enthusiast crowd as it gears up to enter the arena.

By all common logic, these companies oughta be on a virtual suicide mission. Most market share analyses show Samsung consistently clawing onto the lion’s share of Android phone purchases, with even the other big-name Android phone contenders fighting over relative scraps of the hardware-buying pie (which, incidentally, is most assuredly not apple-flavored).

Heck, even Google itself has been facing a slow and seemingly arduous process to bring its self-made Pixel phones from niche-level products for people in the know to household names that command a meaningful chunk of the market — to turn ’em into devices that are on the radar of regular, non-geek-card-carrying humans, in other words. And that’s Google we’re talking about, for cryin’ out loud.

And yet, as we speak, two ambitious companies are preparing to do the impossible — to force their way into the realm of Android hardware and offer devices they promise will be genuinely different from the status quo.

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